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“Just stay with me…”
Liam Kelly has finally said goodbye to Ireland and to his over-bearing brother, Brady. Setting sail to Newfoundland with a shipment of O’Shea’s finest ale in his ship’s hold, Liam struggles to outrun Brady’s haunting disapproval and the relentless longing for a woman he can never have.
Beached and taken captive by the notoriously callous Captain Hollister II of the Devil’s Last Dance, Liam proves he has the strength and fortitude to not only survive but to thrive in the face of his adversaries.
Until that is, an enigmatic and beautiful woman appears on his beach, weakening his resolve once more…
If only he could still his ever-pounding heart, the most precious treasure of all.


Tanya Benoit 

Welcome to The Haven:
Jack Manning must find the wicked Kylee O'Roarke before her ill-tempered, drunkard husband-to-be finds her and forces her to the altar. 
His only option will be to stash his spit-fire lady love at a place where he feels her safety is guaranteed...Heathen's Haven, "where all of your fantasies come true, safely and without judgment." 
His dearest friend, Miss Emma will prove to be a most excellent guardian and teacher, purging Kylee of those burdensome virtues and her innocence... 
"Teach me, guide me, spank and chastise me..." 
Can Jack let her into his world?

"You’ll never have me! You’ll never control me! To hell with you Brady Kelly!" 
Violet Ryan is the daughter of wealthy shipwright CEO whose dream is to one day take over the family empire. While business is at the forefront of her ambition, she dreams of an existence where love and finance can live in harmony. 
However, when Ryan’s Shipwrights merge with Kelly and Son’s, it seems like the perfect arrangement for everyone, until Sean Kelly is murdered in cold blood. 
Brady, the new Lord of Kelly’s keep is beside himself with grief, rage, and immense inner torment. Having only just recently lost his mother, he now has to deal with the tremendous loss of the father he had only just begun to know. 
Seeking vengeance and retaliation, Brady does the only thing he can do; abducting the tantalizing and sensual daughter of his named killer, Robert Ryan.
No longer recognizing the monster who has taken her captive as the kind, considerate and attentive Brady Kelly who catered to her every need when she first arrived in Galway, she will have to learn to live with him. Although he’s transformed into a savage beast with a quick temper, uncontrolled emotions, and unpredictable punishments, Violet vows to persevere.
Deadly attraction.
While living as Brady’s captive is challenging enough; the last thing she needs is her heart getting in the way. She will need to dig deep within herself in order to ride out the storm of emotion flooding her heart and remember that within the beast, lives a man.